Aquafina Pure Water 1.5L Bottle

One of the best-bottled waters available in Pakistan. Aquafina guarantees 1.5 liters of pure, safe, and hygienic drinking water. Drinking water by Aquafina every day makes sure you stay hydrated and healthy all the time and always keeps your mind refreshed.

The 1.5-liter bottle is perfect for everyday use at home and even at work. 1.5 liters of water by Aquafina Pure water work absolutely perfectly while you are dining out as well as one bottle may be more than enough for two people.

Since the bottle is easy to carry, you can take it wherever you want, especially on trips where you may have to walk a lot or may not have easy access to water. One of the safest and reliable options for drinking water in Pakistan is Aquafina. Check Aquafina Pure water 500ml bottle here.


Aquafina Pure Water 1.5L Bottle
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