Ariel 1Kg

Ariel 1Kg



Out of all detergents in Pakistan, Ariel is one of the most popular and best-selling detergents,


It has a great fragrance which makes all our clothes smelling very clean and fresh,


It cleans out all marks and stains thoroughly and protects the colour in your clothes and saves them from fading out,


This pack is the 1KG pack of Ariel and depending on how much you use this pack, you can easily use it for a month or even more,


All you need to do is add this in the washing machine and the rest is up to the machine to do the washing,


So, for your own convenience and brilliant washing, the 1KG Ariel pack would be the best option that you should purchase,


Not only is it great for you but it is also perfect for your family as well, so everyone’s clothes smell fresh!


Ariel 1Kg
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