Ariel 2Kg

Ariel 2Kg

This is the pack of Ariel that is bigger than the 1KG pack and smaller than the 4KG pack. It is the perfect choice for a family of about 4-5 people,

The 2KG pack has an ample amount of detergent in it that may last you for about a month or even more depending on how often you wash your clothes,

How many people there are in your family. It is also very affordable and is not expensive which makes it easier to buy and use,

The detergent has a fragrance added into it so that not only does it wash all of your clothes,

But it also adds a very attractive smell to your clothes as well, making you feel fresh,

It manages to remove even the toughest of stains. So, for your and your family’s convenience,

Buying the 2KG pack of Ariel detergent would be the right choice.


Ariel 2Kg
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