Baisan 500 Grms

Baisan 500 Grms


A common ingredient used in Pakistani Households for making delicious food, like Pakoray etc. Specially, in Ramadan, Baisan becomes a must have ingredient for your kitchen,

as many people love to eat Pakoray in the Iftar. Even if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can use baisan in making fulfilling food like Baisan Rooti,

This can keep your appetite satiated for a longer period of time, thus adding this nutrient rich and multipurpose Baisan in your life can work wonders!

Many people also love to use baisan in making Pakistani Desserts like Baisan halwa, and this delicious dessert can send a burst of sweet flavor to your taste buds. Also,

you can use baisan in different face packs to get rid of acne and dull skin.


Baisan 500 Grms
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