Bake Parlor BBQ Macroni 225g

Bake Parlor BBQ Macroni 225g

Hello, All the Macaroni Lovers out there! Bake Parlor brings the healthiest and spiciest BBQ macaroni that can give your taste buds a new experience of intensified spicy taste.

Those of you, who love a spicy macaroni, this is just the right one for you! It is made up of healthy ingredients that are free from all the preservatives and artificial flavors.

This delicious BBQ macaroni gives you 2 in 1 flavor of: Barbequed chicken and spicy macaroni; a blessing for spicy food lovers.

Get this yummy and spicy BBQ macaroni at reasonable prices and enjoy the exquisite and wholesome taste!


Bake Parlor BBQ Macroni 225g
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