Bake Parlor Chicken Manchurian 250g

Bake Parlor Chicken Manchurian 250g


Great news for Chinese food lovers! Do you love macaroni and Chinese food to the same extent? Well, to double the taste and enrich the flavor,

Bake parlor brings its 2 in 1 Chicken Manchurian macaroni. It is made up of natural ingredients that have enhanced its rich flavor and made it even more delicious.

At such an economical price you can experience the rich tastes of both the Chinese and Italian cuisine. Have a party at your place? Make Chicken Manchurian Macaroni.

Kids want something yummy to eat? Make chicken Manchurian macaroni. With its versatile taste and uses you can use it any time and get a delicious ad healthy meal.


Bake Parlor Chicken Manchurian 250g
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