Bake Parlor Fatija Spaghetti 250g

Bake Parlor Fatija Spaghetti 250g


Are you a Fajita flavor lover? If so, then Bake parlor has bestowed upon you this sizzling and tasty fajita spaghetti that can enrich your taste buds with its spicy and delicious taste.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this full of flavor spaghetti is a perfect food to serve to your family and friends on gatherings.

Or you can also serve it to your children as it is a highly fulfilling and flavorsome meal. The pack has the recipe on it to make the best and most savory Fajita Spaghetti,

to give your mouth a long-lasting flavor. As it is composed of all the healthy ingredients it is good for you and you can buy this 2 in 1 yummy spaghetti in a moderate price range,



Bake Parlor Fatija Spaghetti 250g
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