Beef With Bone 1-Kg

Beef With Bone 1-Kg

Visit our website and buy our special Nihari beef cut with bone. We are selling it at the rate of very reasonable rate. You can use this meat in multiple dishes,

Make Nihari out of it. You can also combine it with some vegetables and eat it. Beef cut with bone can also be made into Karahi or beef Qorma. So,

buying one product from us can help you a lot in your Kitchen. Eating beef can provide you with a lot of protein, zinc, phosphorous, and Vitamins. Thus,

if you do not eat beef add it into your diet today as it is essential. Beef can strengthen the immune system of the human body. We sell fresh beef Nihari cut with bone,

It is cut into very fine pieces. Our animals are checked by a doctor before we slaughter them. So, it is safe to buy meat as it won’t cause you any health issues.


Beef With Bone 1-Kg
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