Bonus 1 Kg

Bonus 1 Kg

One of Pakistan’s most versatile and affordable washing detergents, Bonus.

Bonus has established quite a name over the years in Pakistan. This is the 1KG pack of detergent that was made as an economical option for the people of Pakistan.

The best thing is that it gives a lot of detergent powder in such a low price that it is unbelievable. Bonus powder is known to very effectively clean all of your clothes,

Leaving no stain behind. It also protects the colours of your clothes and does not fade them out.

This pack is the perfect option for families that have about 4-5 people in it. Everyone’s clothes can be washed out and this pack would still last you for a month or even more.

Bonus adds a freshness in your clothes that can very easily be noticed by the people around you. No stain is left on your clothes as long as you use Bonus each time.


Bonus 1 Kg
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