Bounty Miniatures Candies- No 1 Candy

Numerous Bounty Miniatures Candies in one bag. Perfect for a party or huge gathering. The reason why Bounty is loved so much all over the world is because of its very different coconut filling at the center. Now picture the same thing, just lots and lots of small bars. That is exactly what this pack is, its lots and lots of Bounty chocolate bars in one bag but they’re smaller in size, hence the term “miniatures”. Each bite-sized chocolate has a tasty, soft chocolate coating on top and delicious coconut at the center. Each nibble you take has lots and lots of chocolate and coconut in it. In order to be the life of the party at the next gathering or hangout, you go to, be sure to take a bag of Bounty miniatures with you and everyone will automatically love you for that.


Bounty Miniatures Candies
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