Brite 1Kg

Brite 1Kg

Amongst the most affordable and economical detergents in Pakistan, Brite washing powder. Brite is very efficient in thoroughly washing clothes,

It makes sure that even the toughest stains are removed with clothes and the clothes look as fresh as they can.

Brite has a different fragrance in it as well, it adds that fragrance to all the clothes that are washed in it and this provides a clean and beautiful smelling sensation to your clothes.

There are many variants of Brite, all of them have different prices and different quantities of powder in them. Since all of them differ,

It depends entirely on you which one would suit you and your family the most, also depending on your usage and how many people you have in your family.

You can have them in packets for as low as 10 rupees or you could even invest in a pack of 1KG Brite detergent which would easily last you either for a month or even more.


Brite 1Kg
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