Burger Patties Pack


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Burger Patties Pack

The subtle yet delicious burger patties by K&Ns. Known for a lot of years now, K&Ns has some of the best burger patties in the market,

If you want to make a delicious chicken burger at home, you would definitely want to have a pack of K&Ns burger patties ready at home,

You can add whatever you like to your burger to make it even more delicious such as a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles,

The best part about these patties is that they are not spicy at all, so it does not make the burger difficult to eat. This is also the perfect option to give to your children for their school,

Because of how appetizing it is. Or you could just treat yourself to a delicious K&Ns chicken burger after a long, hard day,

this is the largest compny frozen food in pakistan.The ingredients are compacted and shaped, usually cooked,

and served in various ways. Some foods termed “patties” use ingredients inside a pastry crust that is then baked or fried. Some patties are breaded, then baked or fried.


Out of stock

Burger Patties Pack
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