Carrot 1 Kg

Carrot 1 Kg

Carrots are a root crop, usually orange, although it has purple, black, red, white, and yellow varieties. This is a localized form of wild vegetables, Daws carota, native to Europe and Southwest Asia.

The plant probably originated in Persia and was first cultivated to produce leaves and seeds. The most eaten part of the plant is the taproot, although it also eats stems and leaves.

It is a biennial plant of the umbrella family, Apiaceae. Initially, it grows a rose petal, in which an extended tarot grows.

Fast-growing varieties mature within three months (90 days) after sowing, while slow-maturing varieties require one month longer (120 days).

The roots contain large amounts of alpha and beta carotene and are a good source of vitamin K and vitamin B6.


Carrot 1 Kg
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