Chicken Biryani Cut 12-Pc

Chicken Biryani Cut 12-Pc

The biryani cut has the chicken in a specific shape which gives a beautiful appearance and aroma to the Biryani. We cut the chicken finely into bit large pieces,

that go best in preparation of Chicken Biryani and Chicken Pulao. The Chicken is a slice of white meat and is safe to consume,

It does not contain blood pressure issues and does not raise the cholesterol level of the human body. If you buy our chicken biryani cut you can prepare a delicious meal for your feasts,

We are selling our 12 Chicken Biryani cut at very reasonable rate. It is cheaper than mutton and beef cut. So,

if you are looking for healthy alternates of mutton and beef to add to your Biryani get our Chicken Biryani Cut,

Head Over to our website and buy it. Do not forget to provide us with your feedback on your experience.


Chicken Biryani Cut 12-Pc
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