Chicken Karhai Cut 18-Pc

Chicken Karhai Cut 18-Pc

We undut 18Pcerstand the importance of different chicken recipes. The meat cut in these recipes plays an important role,

That is why we sell chicken Karahi cut especially for preparation of chicken Karahi meal. Our hens are checked by vets and it is safe to buy our chicken karahi cut from us,

We are selling the Karahi meat in 18 pieces. It is a cheaper alternative to beef and mutton meat. At the same time, it is the healthier choice if you have blood pressure and cholesterol issue,

Our chicken Karahi cut can also be bought if you are losing weight as it helps in the loss of weight. Our chicken Karahi cut would help you prepare the delicious Chicken Karahi,

Other than this you can prepare your snacks and other chicken dishes from it. It is tasty, nutritious and provides a large amount of protein and minerals.


Chicken Karhai Cut 18-Pc
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