Chicken Qorma 16-Pc

Chicken Qorma 16-Pc

We understand how much we Pakistanis like chicken and this is why we sell Chicken Qorma special 16 pieces of meat. This meat gives great shape and appearance to Chicken Qorma,

The meat is fresh and our animals are checked by the doctors before we sacrifice them. Thus, it is safe and reliable to shop our chicken Qorma special meat,

Chicken Qorma meat is white meat and safe to consume if you are losing weight. It is also safe to consume for patients with cholesterol and high blood pressure,

It supplies enough amounts of protein and mineral nutrients. Our Chicken Qorma meat is great in taste. It is a cheaper and healthy alternate to mutton and beef cut,

It is delicious and nutritious. So, head over to our website and buy Chicken Qorma meat from us today.


Chicken Qorma 16-Pc
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