Chicken Tempura Pack

Chicken Tempura Pack

A very interesting and convenient product by K&Ns, the chicken tempura. The tempura is like big,

Boneless pieces of chicken that are bursting with the flavour of perfectly cooked chicken,

The chicken Tempura is the perfect choice for you when you are just a little hungry but want a snack that you can never forget,

The tempura tastes amazing with a variety of sauces such as mustard, tomato ketchup, chilli garlic sauce and even bar bq sauce,

K&Ns has made quite a name for itself over the years because of how brilliant their products are,

They take care of their chickens and give them healthy feed, they add no harmful chemicals or any other additives,

This means that the chicken tempura is not only the healthiest option for you, but for your family as well, this is the largest company of frozen food in pakistan.



Chicken Tempura Pack
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