Chili Mili Jellies Box – 35g

Chili Mili Jellies Box – 35g

A party pack for Chili Mili Jellies, with a lot of spice-flavored jelly inside, be sure to be the life of the party,

Definitely, the jelly with the most different flavor, absolutely loved by children. It is available as a full box. Check it here,

CandyLand, currently the largest confectionery company in Pakistan, started its operations on June 21, 1988,

The foundations for the first production plant were laid down on 1 acre of land, and the first brand was launched in 1990. From that point onwards,

the company has constantly achieved one milestone after another, and today we have expanded our production facilities to over 8 acres of land.

We are the pioneers in jellies and have launched brands in technically difficult categories such as lollipops and marshmallows,

We take pride in delivering the best quality products and our brands strive to delight our consumers,



Chili Mili Jellies Box – 35g
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