Chunks Pack

Chunks Pack


The possibilities are endless when it comes to Chunks. You can make use of K&Ns chicken chunks in various, creative ways. You could make the perfect pizza at home,

You could make a chicken sub, you could make a chicken burger and you can even make a chicken sandwich using Chunks,

K&Ns chicken chunks are made using premium quality chickens who are bred to give the perfect meat. All health standards are met effectively,

And the chickens in the farms are treated with love and care. This means that K&Ns chunks are safe and healthy to eat and they are also free of any additives or harmful chemicals,

Even if you do not want to add them to anything else, you could just grab a fork for yourself and eat the chunks with them, they taste brilliant that way too,

K&N’s is a Pakistani multinational poultry and frozen food company based in Karachi, Pakistan. It was founded in 1964 by Khalil Sattar with his wife,

Naushaba Khalil, hence the company name K&N’s.


Chunks Pack
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