Cucumber 1 Kg

Cucumber 1 Kg


Cucumber (Cucumis citus) is a widely cultivated reptile in the Cucurbitaceae family of pumpkins.

It has a cochlea-shaped fruit that is used as a vegetable.

There are three main types – bump, pickle, and bubble-free / seed-free – in which several varieties have been developed.

It is originated in South Asia but now grows on most continents, as the world market sells many different types of cucumbers.

This is a crawling vine, whose roots are found in the ground and grow on the grate or other supporting frames, wrapping the support with thin spiral trenches.

The plant can also take root in landless environments, allowing it to grow along the ground instead of supporting structures.

The vine has large leaves that form an umbrella over the fruit.


Cucumber 1 Kg
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