Dalda Olive Oil 500ml

Dalda Olive Oil 500ml


Dalda is the biggest name of oil and ghee market. Dalda’s Olive Oil is refined in a way that its natural goodness is not lost. It is extracted from freshly picked olives.

It is aromatic and has great taste.  It contains vitamins A, D and E. It has anti-oxidants properties. It gives you the nourishment and flavor full taste you need.

It is an advanced formula which improves the consumption level of your body,

Until the early 1930s hydrogenated vegetable oil available in India was imported into the country by Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Co (now Hindustan Unilever Limited).

Hindustan Vanaspati wanted to start manufacturing hydrogenated vegetable oil locally and hence a new category of hydrogenated oil under the new brand name Dalda was born.

This was introduced in 1937, becoming one of the longest-running brands in India. Hindustan Vanaspati’s “Dalda” product came to be synonymous.


Dalda Olive Oil 500ml
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