Domex 500ml

Domex 500ml


Feel like you need to clean out your toilet in the safest yet most thorough way possible?

The best option for you to do so would be to buy yourself a bottle of Domex cleaner.

Domex is a cleaner that is the best for cleaning out white surfaces such as a commode or even a sink.

It leaves a sparkly shine on your toilet surface and makes it look as good as new.

It leaves a good impression on whoever uses your bathroom because the cleanliness level that it gives is astonishing.

Domex is a very affordable option if you are looking to keep your toilet clean for most of the month.

One bottle can last you for quite a while and it can be used in multiple toilets.

Not only is it used for toilets with white surfaces, but it may also be used for toilets with colored surfaces.


Domex 500ml
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