Dove Dryness Care 360ml

Dove Dryness Care Shampoo is a highly restorative shampoo. Developed with our unique dietary keratin repair activity.

It counteracts double damage – rubbing strips restore signs of surface damage, providing deep nourishment to the hair.

It foams well and cleans my hair effectively without drying it out.

I used oxygenated moisturizer for my hair the next day as well as lots of products in my hair on the third day, both times the results were the same.

One wash is enough to clean the hair.

Extensive research by pigeon experts has shown that there is no scientific link between dryness and hair loss.

Except that strong scratching through a dry scalp can cause hair breakage, leading to hair loss.

If you have a busy week (or month), provide yourself with a hair care diet that will make you feel comfortable with this dove vacation conditioner.

Its rich formula gives your hair an extra special procedure that absorbs, nourishes, and protects your money with each use.


Dove Dryness Care
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