Dry Coconut 1 Kg

Dry Coconut 1 Kg


Many of you may not be aware of the fact that despite the “nut” in its name, coconut is a fruit that is packed with healthy nutrients that can enrich your body with a burst of energy,

It can be used in a number of ways. You can either eat coconut in its raw form or drink the nutrient rich water that in kept inside its shell,

It can be used for the extraction of coconut oil that is highly beneficial for cooking and other external uses like using this oil in your hair,

applying fresh and pure coconut oil in your hair can strengthen your hair from their roots and make them shinier,

It has anti-oxidant properties that can protect you against various diseases. It has a hard shell and it is very crunchy,

Coconuts also contain high amount of good fats.


Dry Coconut 1 Kg
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