Express Powder 1Kg

Express Powder 1Kg

Express washing powder is one of the most affordable washing detergents in the whole country.

This is the 1KG pack by Express which was made for the convenience of people.

This pack is a big one that makes sure you can at least use it for a month before it runs out.

Since it has a capacity of 1KG powder, this detergent is best for you family as well.

Depending on how much it is used by you, one pack may averagely last you for a month or sometimes even more.

This detergent is tough on all stains and can effectively remove even the toughest of stains.

It leaves a fresh smell in all of your clothes, so your clothes smell very attractive. Since the powder is very economical,

It is easy to fix it into your budget as well. So, for very affordable yet convenient detergent,

Express would be the best for you.


Express Powder 1Kg
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