Fajita pack

Fajita pack

Bring the ultimate taste to your pizza by adding K&Ns’ fajita to it,

K&Ns Fajita is bursting with flavours and your pizza is incomplete if you do not add a K&Ns Fajita topping to it,

Out of the many pizza toppings options from K&Ns, Fajita still remains the main one as it is the most essential part of making a pizza,

Fajita is the flavour that is loved by each and every person in Pakistan. K&Ns Fajita is definitely safe and healthy to eat,

Because it is produced while following all health standards. K&Ns Fajita is very flavourful and adds life to your pizza,

If you top off your pizza with K&Ns Fajita, then it will definitely be irresistible for all the people you serve it to and they will definitely ask you for more,

So the next time you go ingredient shopping for your pizza, do not forget to put K&Ns Fajita up on the list.


Fajita pack
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