Fresh Yellow Melon 1 Kg

Fresh Yellow Melon 1 Kg


A sweet melon is something which is an incredible source of refreshment,

Imagine being completely exhausted, sweating from a day at work and coming home to a cool sweet snack which while being extremely tasty also has incredible health benefits,

The pleasant aroma and the appealing yellow are an added perk! The health benefits majorly include the high-water content which helps with cooling and hydrating the body,

In addition to being beneficial as a hydrator, it can be used in different forms i.e., from its flesh to skin, and seeds,

All parts of a sweet melon fruit have health benefits if applied or consumed the right way. The skin and seeds can be ground into a paste to make a face-mask,

It is a free beauty treatment that people are practicing for ages. Applying the paste to your skin can help reduce any signs of dryness, blemishes, acne, etc.


Fresh Yellow Melon 1 Kg
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