Harpic 750ml

Harpic 750ml

Definitely Pakistan’s best toilet cleaner. Harpic is popular all over the country because of how well it cleans toilet surfaces.

Not only does it clean those surfaces, but it also disinfects them, meaning it kills germs on the surface as well.

This is a healthy option for you as all the disease-causing germs are killed from the surface of your toilet.

One bottle of harpic can be used for the whole house and it could be used for a couple of months as it has a lot of cleaning liquid inside it.

The liquid is like a gel, which means it slowly moves over the surface of your toilet and cleans it out as it goes down.

This ensures that all marks and stains are removed, and all the germs are ki,

The best part about Harpic is that as good as it is, it is also very affordable and very easy to manage into your monthly budget.


Harpic 750ml
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