Hico Mango Ice Cream 1800ml

Hico Mango Ice Cream 1800ml

Mango flavor is one of the most liked flavors in ice cream.

It usually has the aroma and taste of mango fruit which helps the best to satisfy the mango cravings, especially in winters. It is the best treat to enjoy with family after dinner.

Our Hico Mango ice cream is the best fit for the dessert. You can order it and enjoy it at large gatherings of family and friends.

If you are an ice cream lover this flavor is for you.

Not many people know but ice cream stimulates your brain and contains a lot of rich vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human body,

Hico was the first ice cream company in Pakistan. Established in 1958,we now offer many more flavors in many more locations across the country,

Ever since, we’ve been devoted to making the best ice cream in Pakistan!


Hico Mango Ice Cream 1800ml
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