Hico Vanilla 1800ml

Hico Vanilla 1800ml

Hico ice cream is known for its strong and aromatic flavors. Its Vanilla flavor is no less. It has a strong and sweet aroma and the ice cream melts deliciously in the mouth,

Vanilla is known to have a soothing effect and ice cream is known to be high in nutrient food in general. So, what is better than the food which is tasty and nutritional?

We believe it’s a complete deal. Hico designed this family pack especially for big families and for fest gatherings. Hence, if you do not know what to serve your guests as the dessert,

order this Hico Vanilla ice cream because everyone likes Vanilla. We sell this large Hico Vanilla Ice cream at very reasonable amount of money,

This large pack is the best treat to enjoy with family. So, head over to our website and order this today to make your moments memorable with your loved ones.


Hico Vanilla 1800ml
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