Jam e Shirin 800ml

Jam e Shirin 800ml

Definitely one of Pakistan’s most loved drinks, Jam-e-Shirin.

It has a very sweet and refreshing taste and it is always a delight to have a cold glass of Jam-e-Shirin after a long and hectic day.

The drink is made entirely out of natural sources, meaning that there are no harmful chemicals in it, and it is very safe to drink for you and your family.

For your children, you could always add Jam-e-Shirin to milk as it makes a very delicious combination with milk.

It is also the perfect option to serve your guests if you have people coming over to your house.

Jam-e-Shirin is always very light and refreshing, it is much better than having carbonated fizzy drinks because this is a much healthier option,

and it has no negative side effects on your body. It also has a very different taste that you cannot find in other drinks.




Jam e Shirin 800ml
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