Jazz Warid Prepaid Card

Jazz Warid Prepaid Card


Mobile card worth 600 rupees by Jazz/Warid. It provides you with an addition of 600 rupees balance into your Jazz or Warid phone number,

\The card is convenient for people who do not like refilling balance into their phones over and over again,

The card is perfect for a month or two as you may avail exciting packages and bundles using this card. You can make a lot of calls,

you can send lots of text messages and you can use this balance in order to use 4G in your phone and use your favourite social media applications like Facebook,

Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and TikTok. The 600 rupees card is lighter on your pocket as it is less expensive, and it is also very convenient to use,

The duration of the card depends on how much you use it, but this 600-rupee card should last you for about a month or even two if you use your balance wisely.


Jazz Warid Prepaid Card
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