Jazz Warid Prepaid Card

Jazz Warid Prepaid Card


The 500 rupees variant of the Jazz/Warid card. As the card is priced at 500, it gives the buyer an instant 500 rupees balance which may be used by the buyer in whatever way they wish,

This card is very convenient as it can easily last a person for the duration of about a month, very easily. This card is not only used by Jazz users,

but it can also be used by Warid users too as both the companies have now merged. You may the balance that you get for various purposes for instance you can use it to make calls,

you can use it to send lots of SMS or you could even use it for surfing the internet through 4G if there is no internet facility available,

You may even use your balance to make online payments through Google too if you wish to buy paid applications.


Jazz Warid Prepaid Card
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