Jazz Warid Prepaid Card

Jazz Warid Prepaid Card


The fairly affordable card by Jazz/Warid, the 300 rupees card. It provides you with 300 rupees worth of balance that you may use in whatever way you feel,

You can direct most of your usage towards calls or you could invest in buying a package with lots of internet if you have a habit of using a lot of internet,

If you are a person who texts a lot, you could buy yourself a package with lots of SMS with this 300-rupee card,

Not only this, if you are a fan of PUBG and want to buy things within the game, you can always get yourself a Jazz/Warid 300 card and use the balance to buy things in the game,

Not just PUBG, you can buy other paid applications and games from Google Play store and Apple App store using the balance from these cards as well!

Only 300Rs.


Jazz Warid Prepaid Card
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