Jazz Warid Prepaid Card

Jazz Warid Prepaid Card


Though this is the highest priced card by Jazz/Warid, it is also the most convenient card out of all of them. This card gives the user a balance of 1000 rupees,

which may be used accordingly by the user. You could use various packages with this balance, and you can make lots of calls,

lots of SMS and surf the internet as much as you want to. You even have the option of using this balance to make payments for online applications on Google Play store or Apple App Store.

This card is not only the perfect option for you, but it is great for your family as well, it gives everyone the convenience of easily using this balance over a course of a couple of months,

but it entirely depends on your preferences and your usage. So, wait no further and get yourself and your family the Jazz/Warid 1000 card.


Jazz Warid Prepaid Card
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