Knorr Chilli Garlic 300 ml

Knorr Chilli Garlic 300 ml


Ketchup has become an essential item for homes as people of all ages love it. Knorr is the name of taste and not only does it offer the simple tomato ketchup,

instead it has come up with different flavorsome ketchups, such as Chili Garlic ketchup. Due to its sweet and sour taste it is liked by almost all of you,

The delicious taste of green and red chilies along with garlic intensifies the overall taste of this ketchup and provides your taste buds with new experience,

It also contains chili flakes. Knorr Chili garlic ketchup can be used in homes to consume along with pizza or fried etc. and it is also used in different restaurants,

The 300-gram packaging is enough for smaller families who do not use ketchup on daily basis and it is a budget friendly size option for you.



Knorr Chilli Garlic 300 ml
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