Knorr Cream Of Chicken Soup 50 g

Knorr Cream Of Chicken Soup 50 g


Who does not love Soup in the winter season, right? Without leaving the comfort of your home, get the best, creamiest and thickest Knorr Chicken Corn soup,

This salty soup recipe is there to enrich your taste buds with the delicious taste of chicken. The hot and steamy soup has salty taste and it is easy to make,

So, within a few minutes enjoy this delicious soup! It is made with natural chicken and sweet corn; it is free from all the added preservatives,

and retains the goodness of taste as well as the richness of nutrients. The delicious taste is just like the taste of homemade soup and is packed with essential nutrients,

You can buy it at an economical rate and experience the best taste.


Knorr Cream Of Chicken Soup 50 g
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