Knorr Cream Of Mashroom

Knorr Cream Of Mashroom- Mushroom Soup Mix is ​​made from real mushrooms and milk to help you taste – a classic mushroom soup that you can use for daily meals.

The soup offers a rich traditional flavor of “mushroom cream” soup with a more nourishing profile.

Very good taste, made with natural sea salt with low sodium content, 98 low low fat, 0 grams processed fat, without MSG, and 480 mg sodium per serving.

Don’t be alarmed if your pantry is served knorr mushroom or celery soup cream instead of chicken cream.

An equal alternative to these soups retains the texture of your casserole but may contribute to slightly different flavors.

To maintain the flavor of the chicken, you can add chicken broth to the cream soup.


Knorr Cream Of Mashroom
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