Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Mix 75 g

Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Mix 75 g


It is the tastiest and easiest mix that can be added to any chicken recipe to enrich the flavor and make your food more flavorsome, giving a new and exquisite taste and experience,

to your taste buds. In addition, it is a perfect coating for making your chicken crispy and keeping it intact. It is a dried Mix and once water is added to this mix,

you obtain a thick consistency that will keep the chicken coating intact and adding to the flavor of crispy fried chicken.

It is a budget friendly solution for adding taste to your crispy chicken and makes it delicious. Not only does it enrich the taste of chicken, but also adds to the taste of your vegetable dishes.


Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Mix 75 g
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