KNs Bakistry Big

KNs Bakistry Big

Bakistry is a series of products by K&Ns that are perfect for tea time. They are made to give you a perfect combination with your tea,

This includes items like Quiches, which are eaten as a delight not just in Pakistan but all over the world,

Bakistry is unique because no other company has started this concept except K&Ns as of yet,

Not only are all these products delicious but they add a very interesting touch to your tea as well,

Making a very amazing combination. Not only are Bakistry products a delight for adults, they are also adored by children too,

The main products in K&Ns Bakistry include Patteze, Puff Patteze, Quiche and Pizetta. The major ingredients in these products include chicken,

Cheese and butter, all of which make the products so delicious, it is hard to believe,this is the largest frozen food compny in pakistan.


KNs Bakistry Big
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