Lifebuoy Herbal Strong and Long 375ml

Lifebuoy Herbal Strong and Long is the best and original shampoo around. This shampoo is perfect for anything and everything.

Always wash your hair with this shampoo. This shampoo provides very clean and very fresh hair.

The shampoo is extremely soft because it removes all dust and is safe for all hair types.

The scent is really shiny and just leaves your hair, and your hair feels very refreshed.

Highly recommend this product in every home! This shampoo is really cheap and really durable.

Gentle in the hair, not germs. Strong hair by nature needs a strong foundation today. Try a strong and long-lasting herbal shampoo to save hair lives.

The formula of milk protein with neem tree extract has a mild effect on your hair from roots to ends, which makes it nourish and strengthen.



Lifebuoy Herbal Strong and Long
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