Lifebuoy Strength Shampoo 375ml

Lifebuoy Strength Shampoo provides the world with a new era of hair nutrition, strengthening its foundation.

It replenishes and nourishes milk protein, which can strengthen hair from root to tip.

To date, Lifebuoy has 4 options: herbal, anti-hair, anti-dandruff, and its modern jewelry, silk mild shampoo.

Detailed information about Lifeboy Shampoo from Unilever Pakistan Original 100 ml.

Combined with a soft surfactant, soft, transparent, and pre-thickened. Free of sulfate, SLS, SLS, and parabens.

Nail Shampoo is a popular name in the category of herbal and natural hair shampoos.

Not all nail shampoos contain parabens and sulfates and therefore help maintain the scalp’s pH balance and improve overall hair health.


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