Loreal Color Radiance 360ml

Loreal Color Radiance 360ml

Loral Color Radiance rejuvenation shampoo for shampoos with protective hair care with regular colored hair with nourishing parts.

The UV filter is specially designed for color. It smells great and the conditioner makes my hair soft and shiny. So far, the scalp is not itchy.

Colored radians preserve hair for visible surface color.

Fixed result: decrease in intensity

  • Hair safe: nourished, soft and green.
  • Color to look at for a long time: your hair color remains bright and shiny.
  • Safety and color


The formula of color brightness with the UV filter works on 2 levels:

  1. It nourishes the hair and changes its surface.
  2. It helps protect the hair fiber from external aggression.


Loreal Color Radiance 360ml
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