Loreal Nourishing Conditioner 175ml

Loreal Nourishing Conditioner 175ml

Loral Nourishing Conditioner, which protects against hair loss, provides nourishment to your hair.

Your hair is very resistant to roots and is strong, healthy, dark, and very beautiful.

The anti-hemorrhagic formula helps to break down the hair faster and makes the hair more stable from the roots to the scalp.

Fight hair loss from the roots. Regulating hair fibers. Strengthens hair. Nourishes the hair follicles. Forms hair fiber. Strengthens hair.

Instantly become soft and strong, your hair becomes more stable from roots to the scalp and looks good and healthy.

To work in the conditioner, turn your fingers or put your hair to the ends of the hair.


Loreal Nourishing Conditioner 175ml
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