Mutton Mix 1-Kg

Mutton Mix 1-Kg

We sell mutton mix boti. It can be made into Mutton Qorma and Mutton mix Karahi. You can also consume this meat after combining it with any seasonal vegetable,

It is of great taste and is fresh. Consuming mutton mix boti won’t only be tasty but will also provide you with a lot of health benefits,

Since the meat is mixed it contains a lot of combined nutrients. It is known to be high in iron and thus, it is good for people who are anemic,

It helps a lot in the physical development of kids. Mutton mix boti is rich in protein. So, if you are pregnant it is a great food for you to consume,

It helps in fetus development and aids in surpassing any birth defects that babies might have. Order from us today and use this meat to make different meals in tasty combinations.


Mutton Mix 1-Kg
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