Nestle Yogurt | 400g Pack

Nestle Yogurt is Nestle’s thick, sweet and tasty yogurt. Tastes absolutely perfect with whatever you eat it with, especially desi food! What is the perfect plate of biryani or even the classic chicken karahi without some good yogurt? Lucky for you, Nestle thick Yogurt is one of the best options you could have.

This Yogurt is very thick and has a very different, sweet taste that makes it absolutely irresistible to have! The next time you plan on having some Chicken Karahi, Chicken Biryani, Barbeque, or absolutely anything at all, be sure to have Nestle’s Yogurt as the perfect companion to your delicious desi cuisine food! The 400g packaging of the Yogurt can be used for up to a couple of days. 


Nestle Yogurt 400g
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