Omore Cup Vanilla

Omore Cup Vanilla

Our large cup of Omore is specifically for ice cream lovers.

Those who are traveling and want the packing of their ice cream to be handy.

This one’s for you all. The large cup is packaged for a single person but contains the amount of ice cream specialty for those who love ice cream.

We have different variants of this frozen dessert and we sell it at very low price. It is cheap but is wholesome for those who like a big quantity of ice cream.

You can consume it in your car, while traveling or as a quick snack in between your meals to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Next time you feel like enjoying the ice cream with utility, order our large cup of Omore for a very small price.

Visit our website today and get the large Omore cup and leave the review to let us know regarding your experience.


Omore Cup Vanilla
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