Omore Kulfa 1400 ml

Omore Kulfa 1400 ml

Our Omore tubs are the best fit for the huge gatherings and they are big packs of our special frozen dessert,

Omore kulfa tub ice cream is the tub with Kulfa variant. We are selling this Kulfa variant tub at very reasonable price,

The aroma of Kulfa is marvelous. One can eat the flavor just by smelling it. We believe Omore Kulfa is irresistible and of its own kind flavor,

The ice cream itself is known to be the brain stimuli. It also contains a lot of essential vitamins and other minerals,

So next time you feel like enjoying a frozen dessert with friends,

order our special Omore kulfa tub ice cream and eat loads of it with,

The vanilla flavor is known to have a soothing and calming effect on the human brain,

Not many people know but ice cream is rich in a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.




Omore Kulfa 1400 ml
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