Omore Kulfa Stick

Omore Kulfa Stick

Omore kulfi is the ice cream with desi flavors and an eastern aroma,

Place your order today to enjoy,

Over Omore kulfi filled with milk and coated with tasty nuts,

Omore Kulfa stick ice cream is available now,

Everywhere in your own city or town,Who doesn’t love the kulfa,

There are newer variations such as apple, orange, strawberry, peanut, and avocado,

Unlike ice cream, kulfi is not whipped, resulting in a solid, dense frozen dessert similar to traditional custard-based ice cream,

Thus, it is sometimes considered a distinct category of frozen dairy-based dessert,

Due to its density, kulfi takes a longer time to melt than Western ice cream,

Kulfi is traditionally prepared by evaporating sweetened and flavoured milk via slow cooking,

With almost continuous stirring to keep milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel where it might ,

Until its volume is reduced by a half, thus thickening it, increasing its fat, protein, and lactose density.


Omore Kulfa Stick
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