Omore Mango 450ml

Omore Mango 450ml

The ice is in mango flavor. It provides the aroma and taste of mangoes and can satisfy mango cravings especially in winters.

Our half brick mango flavor of Omore is the perfect treat for the children. It is full of amazing nutrients like Vitamins and essential minerals.

It is available at very cheap price. It is cheap and that is why it is best for small families.

The frozen dessert is perfect to share with a couple of friends and cousins whenever you all gather to party.

Thus, if you are the host of the small gathering and are confused about the dessert we have got you covered.

Visit our website and order our Omore mango half brick to enjoy with friends and family.

Do not forget to give the feedback as we would love to read your reviews.


Omore Mango 450ml
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